Gear | February 22, 2017 9:00 am

Move Over, Duct Tape: There’s a New Sheriff in Fix-Everything Town

It's reusable, flexible and stronger than steel. Get some.

From coolers to tents to ski gloves to snap-backs, you’ve used duct tape to hold together everything in your life this side of all your failed relationships. Sadly, much like the good times with that chick you met at Lollapalooza in ’92, duct tape’s days as your go-to adhesive may have ended.

As bendable as rope and as strong as steel, Braeön is a self-molding plastic ribbon that can fold into nearly any shape and molecularly fuse to itself in a matter of seconds after being heated up.

Versatile and lightweight — a 100-foot roll of the stuff weighs less than a pound — Braeön hardens as it cools, but can be heated up and remolded again and again to create custom seals. Braeön is currently funding on Kickstarter and a 20-foot roll for your utility drawer costs $18.

Let the duct tape down easy.