Gear | December 20, 2016 9:00 am

It’s Like Your Favorite Pocketknife, But Better

How do you improve on perfection? Ask the Swiss.

The Swiss Army knife is one of those perfect devices.

Small, sharp and sightly, the red handle alone makes it an icon — and that’s before you get to its status as the granddaddy of multifunctionality, with six, seven, sometimes 87 discrete tools concealed inside.

So it’s a head scratcher that anyone could make it any better.

But it appears Malvaux has done just that. Their new knife, the Number 1, takes the standard handle and builds in a 45-degree crook to give it a more ergonomic grip. The Swiss-made blade is water jet-cut and refined in Solingen, aka “the world capital of sharp blades.”

It’s fitted to the lever in such a way that you can always replace the blade, but never the knife.

So … it’s literally the last Swiss Army Knife you’ll ever buy.

But you’ve got to get in quickly: there are only 150 of them available.