Gear | May 20, 2016 9:00 am

This Is a Microwave. A Very, Very Portable Microwave.

Meet the Adventurer, a Thermos-sized, 200-watt nuker

The promise of the microwave oven is convenience.

Will your food taste better heated in a traditional oven? Yes. Will it be edible 45 seconds from now? No.

Which is why you have to appreciate a portable microwave: it takes a machine built for convenience and makes it even more convenient.

The Adventurer from Wayv is a Thermos-sized, 200-watt microwave oven that can nuke 500 milliliters of food or drink in about four minutes. The British-designed device weighs about 2.5 pounds, runs on a rechargeable battery that has enough juice for approximately six uses, and creates heat using laterally diffused metal oxide semiconductors — LDMOS — transistors.

The startup has designed the Adventurer to be compatible with solar-charging panels and plans to ask for $199 a unit when it comes stateside next year.

Still, we’d recommend operating it away from your pocket.