Food & Drink | April 16, 2021 12:17 pm

Deal: Take 15% Off These Italian-Made Stackable Glasses

Perfect for saving some extra cupboard space

Food52 Five Two Stackable Glassware
Don't be afraid to stack up these Italian-made glasses from Five Two.

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Whether you’re serving up a cocktail or a couple scoops of ice cream, Food52’s line of home and cooking goods, Five Two, has got you covered with their Stackable Glassware, now 15% off. Available in either a 10oz or 13.5oz size, the high-quality glass is thicker than most, capable of withstanding pressure, so you can easily stack them in your cupboards and save tons of storage space without worrying that they’re going to unexpectedly shatter or having to handle them too delicately. While the glasses are simple, they’re not entirely without detail, featuring two subtle laser etched lines near the rim with each design being one of a kind.