Culture | December 30, 2016 9:00 am

Never Wait for Brunch in NYC Again

Tasting Collective introduces chef-led, members-only brunches

You wake on Sunday morning. Beautiful day.

“Let’s go get some brunch,” you say.

So you gather the troops, grab a coffee, hit the spot, wait like zombie cattle on the sidewalk for two hours for a table and — voila! — for the low price of $120, four hours later you’re eating cold eggs Florentine.

This madness must stop. Thankfully, foodie club Tasting Collective is here to do something about it, with a new members-only, chef-led weekend brunch series.

Beginning on January 8th at Noreetuh in the East Village, Tasting Collective will move their originally dinner-only platform into the light of day. Serving Hawaiian eats, you’ll be in store for a multi-course, family-style, breakfast helmed by Per Se alumnus chef Chung Chow.

To get a seat at the table just request a membership here. For an annual fee of $145, you’ll be invited to all their weekly events, with approximately two dinners and two brunches a month. Members pay a flat fee of $45-$55 for the experience. But members can also bring non-community guests for $55-$65 a pop.

It’s a phenomenal way to hit up some of the city’s premier eateries. And if you like what you see, come kick it with InsideHook, Tasting Collective and more for our Bites of Knowledge dinner series, where we can all raise a glass to never waiting a millennium to enjoy a meal again.