Culture | January 12, 2018 9:00 am

Liquor Lab Is Where Superior Home Bartenders Are Born

Back to school, folks. Cocktail school.

By The Editors

You don’t need a secret password.

You won’t wait 40 minutes while a mustache in suspenders whispers compliments to your cocktail.

Hell, you don’t even have to tip.

Because NYC’s first interactive cocktail institution, Liquor Lab, is officially open for business.

From founder Owen Meyer — also responsible for NYC’s Wine & Whiskey Club — comes a syllabus of hands-on craft beer, wine and cocktail tutorials for anyone who wants to take their spirit skills to the next level.

liquor lab (6 images)

Each class can hold up to 50 students, lasts two hours and costs around $55 a pop. For the lightweights of the world, small plate pairings are served with each course. Among the initial offerings: classes on ice craving, Japanese whiskey and a deep dive into iconic NYC cocktails and their creators

And this is just the beginning for Meyer and Liquor Lab. A true, blue entrepreneur, the company is slated for four additional locations in the States by the end of next year, with a plan to expand to offering advanced courses to seasoned vets. To boot, Liquor Lab will be partnering with corporate clients to share precious (and privacy-protected) feedback from the students.

But above all, it’s an excellent excuse to go back to school.