bush smarts
By The Editors / December 11, 2012 9:00 am

If we said “Bush Smarts,” what springs to mind?

No, not that. 

No, not that either.

Introducing Bush Smarts, a just-launched, NY-based emporium that traffics in rugged goods to help you brave the untamed wilds (otherwise known as, yes, the bush).

bush smarts 2


Launched by two rough-hewn vets of Eastern Mountain Sports, Bush Smarts began – as all great enterprises should – with a healthy respect for bears

More specifically, with the design of the “Bear Star,” a Shinobi-esque tool used to secure camp grub away from ursine prowlers.

The shop now stocks 70+ items, from the more backwoodsy (birch-handled bush knives, wax-coated fire bullets) to the more city-slick (super-fine wool long johns, suede-detailed buffalo check blankets, and customizable leather wristbands). 

bush smarts 3

They’ve also got a section dedicated to outdoors inspiration and know-how, complete with tales of legendary outdoorsmen, tutorials on everything from knot-tying to splitting wood, and vintage McCarthy-era manuals with fun titles like “Tales of the Far North” and “How to Test Your Urine at Home.”

And BS is the only retailer in America stocking the official crimson Finnish scout flask, available with your initials stamped in.

And easy to clean in case you’d like to fill it with, say, cheap beer.

Call that “Busch Smarts.”