Culture | August 19, 2014 9:00 am

Sloop de Grâce

By The Editors

Today in sobering realizations: only a couple weeks of summer remain.

So you have one month to do what every man should do every summer.

Get. On. A. Boat.

And for that, may we suggest Boatbound.

Boatbound, as their name implies, rents boats. They’re like AirBnb for the water.

Our favorite yachts, skiffs and sloops are below. Take your pick. For the crewed crafts, you don’t even need a license. Regardless, don’t forget your captain’s hat.

Party Boat
There’s throwing a cocktail party, then there’s throwing a cocktail party on a 97-foot, fully crewed luxury yacht with a topside lounge, media center, underwater LED lighting and more flags flying than the United Nations.

Sailor’s Delight
For those with sailing experience, “Beckoned” is a classic 30-foot sailing sloop that carries five intrepid seagoers and can make Long Island Sound in three hours. Bonus: the owner helps create custom itineraries.

Aquatic Adrenaline
The Yamaha 23AR’s perfect for a waterski/wakeboard mission — room for up to nine and rocks a propeller-free jet propulsion system that clocks major knots. It’s basically a giant jet ski with a cooler to hold your ice-cold brews.

Fish Finder
Comes complete with sonar, fish finder, a live bait well and all the fishing gear a group of dawn-patrolling fellas in search of the day’s catch could want. If reeling in striped bass and bluefish is on the docket, this is the boat you need.

Show Stopper
This three-tiered behemoth isn’t from Boatbound. But, with five bedrooms and a library, it’s the Steve Zissou of rentals.