By The Editors / May 22, 2013 9:00 am

Fresh and frozen: two words that have as much business together as healthy and ice cream.

Except at NITROPOD, a 30-foot tricked-out RV serving up ice cream, sorbet and (oh yes) ice cream cocktails, now taking reservations for your summer soirée.


Conceived at Burning Man by Scot Rubin, the co-founder of the G4 Network and the All Games Network, NITROPOD uses all-natural ingredients to create creamy, made-to-order treats.

As in, while you’re standing there.

The liquid nitrogen process results in ice cream with smaller ice crystals, rendering it smoother — like gelato sans the fat.

Co-crafted by an instructor from Culinary Institute in Santa Monica, NITROPOD’s original recipes include avocado lime sorbet made with coconut cream and a rich espresso chocolate made with ChocoVivo’s 100 percent cacao beans.

You can add any ingredient you want, including alcohol.

Summer and ice cream margaritas. That goes nicely together.