Give Your Closet an Overhaul With Tie Bar’s New Made-to-Measure Suiting

Graduation season is not only for the doe-eyed.

Also ready for the next stage in its life? The Tie Bar.

The born-in-Chicago label just graduated from humble accessories brand to complete menswear label with the launch of its made-to-measure suiting program.

If you haven’t been keeping up with the Tie Bar, which now has a brick-and-mortar in Lincoln Park, here’s your notice. Seasonal shirting starting at $55? Yep. Socks? But of course. The same reasonable prices on neckties, pocket squares and tie bars? You betcha’.

And now, thanks to their wish to be your one-stop-shop for almost everything, you can add made-to-measure suits to that list.

“Made-to-measure suiting is the perfect counterpart to follow in the wake of our successful shirting launch last fall,” says Tie Bar CEO Allyson Lewis. We agree. Tie Bar suits aren’t just the next logical step, they’re the brand’s natural evolution.

By now, you know how this goes. You book your appointment online. You’ll go to the store for a one-on-one consultation. They’ll take your measurements, walk you through your cut and fabric options and even offer a few style tips along the way, probably over whiskey.

But before that, you may wanna consider the company’s just-launched closet cleaning service. Because that’s a thing. Yes, even for men.

Here’s how it works: after requesting a style guru come to your home, you’ll fill out a simple questionnaire to determine your style and what in your closet works and what doesn’t. You’ll discuss what you need while the specialist zips through your closet and prunes accordingly. Meanwhile, they’ll bring you whatever is missing.

The service, which requires a $250 purchase minimum, is perhaps the easiest way to finally say goodbye to all the junk — y’know, the ratty shirts, missing socks and booze-stained ties — you’ve been meaning to get rid of all these years.

Consider it your continuing education in getting handsome.