Chicago | September 22, 2014 9:00 am

Man With a Pan

By The Editors

Knowing your way around a chef knife has its advantages.

1) Women love a good cook.

2) Everyone you know loves a good dinner party.

On both fronts, we’d like to introduce Social Table: an interactive dinner party where you cook and break bread with strangers (and at least one certifiable culinary expert), now taking reservations in Lincoln Park.

It works as such: Owner/chef Rebecca Goldfarb posts different seasonal menus every week. Autumn sees dishes like prosicutto-wrapped pork tenderloin and crispy chicken with artichoke pan sauce.

You reserve the one you’d like to whip up.

Each event lasts three hours. You’ll chat, mingle and chop some veggies. Plus, you’ll learn new recipes and techniques (Souffle, anyone?) before sitting down and enjoying the rewards of your culinary endeavors.

Note: all dinners are BYOB.

And they’re staged in a two-story home turned private dining space. It feels more like a friend’s condo, if that friend had a really dope commercial kitchen and really loved dinner parties.

Best part of all?

Zero cleanup.

That doesn’t mean you won’t get your hands dirty later, though.