Chicago | September 24, 2015 9:00 am

Can a Machine Make You Sleep Better?

Snooz: It helps you get a perfect night’s sleep

By The Editors

Things that keep Chicago awake at night:

Tax hikes. Jay Cutler’s contract. Four a.m. bars (because of tax hikes).

One thing that’ll help us all sleep more soundly:

Snooz, the new smart, ultra-portable ambient noise machine promising the deepest of slumbers, now available for preorder.

Built and designed right here in Chicago, Snooz works simply:

It lives right on your bedstand, and utilizes a proprietary fan design to emit a meditative, almost monk-like “Om” that acts as a buffer between your REM cycle and disturbing background noise.

Calms your circadian rhythm. Helps you drown out brainpan racket. Allows you to focus on the zzzs. 

Rotate the inner dial: that’s your volume.

Adjust the outer dial: that’s your tone.

You can also make these adjustments via your smartphone.

Best part: it’s portable. Perfect for hotels. Nurseries. Anywhere acoustic nuisance runs amok.

Sweet dreams.

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