Chicago | August 4, 2016 9:00 am

Oak & Oscar’s New Watch Is The Timepiece Chicago Deserves

The second coming from one of Chicago’s best watch companies

New Yorkers can have their precious “New York minute.”

Here in the Second City, it’s not about how fast you go — it’s about arriving on time, and arriving with dignity.

Just ask local upstarts Oak & Oscar, who just released the Sandford, a genuinely handsome watch of real timekeeping substance, available for your wrist right now.

A follow-up to Oak & Oscar’s first (and quickly thereafter sold-out) watch, the Burnham, the Sandford gets its name from Scottish engineer Sandford Fleming, who’s long been credited for inventing the modern system of standard time.

The new timepiece shares a lot of characteristics with its predecessor. Same elegant matte grey dial. Same stencil-style numerals. Same orange seconds hand with custom counter balance. A watch company without a signature look is no watch company, after all.

At 40mm, it sits slightly smaller than the Burnham’s 42mm size. But the main difference is what’s inside: a Soprod C125 Swiss automatic GMT movement (“the hell’s a GMT?”). Everything’s assembled in Ohio by the horology experts at Lum-Tec and finished off with a Horween leather strap.

Like the Burnham, Oak & Oscar has limited the production of the Sandford to only 300.

Best jump on it now.

Consider it a Chicago minute.