Arts & Entertainment | June 7, 2018 9:00 am

The Netflix Hack That’s Been Hiding in Plain Sight for Ages

It’s got a ‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine’ star up in arms

We thought we knew all the Netflix hacks.

Turns out, there’s a very simple one that’s just been sitting there, secretly waiting for you to use: you can ask the streaming service to add your favorite TV show or movie to their library.

In the app’s Help Center, you’ll find a simple request form that offers three title suggestions (and the ubiquitous “I’m not a robot” sign-in). It also provides an overview on how Netflix licenses their content and tells you some ways to find out what’s debuting on the service.

Bad news: the site doesn’t appear to have an option that automatically informs you when your suggested title finally becomes available (an option our local library has no problem fulfilling with suggested e-books).

Apparently, this hack has been around for awhile, but was only publicized after Brooklyn Nine-Nine star Chelsea Peretti ALL CAPS responded to the Netflix Philippines account.

[H/t Mamam!a]