Arts & Entertainment | September 4, 2014 9:00 am

Fest in Show

By The Editors

Attention, men of New York: Fashion Week starts tomorrow.

Models, couture, Tumblr bloggers with tiny dogs, etc. If that’s your thing, head to Gilded Lily and Mach8.

But! Be it known that there’s another festival coming to town soon, one for which your correspondent’s just as excited: the 52nd New York Film Festival at Lincoln Center.

Tickets will be released to the public today at noon. Set a reminder.

In the meantime, view these eye-popping trailers for the films.

Bet your popcorn butter, this year’s gonna be a cinematic doozy.

You’ve got P.T. Anderson taking on Pynchon (with the help of Joaquin Phoenix and Benicio Del Toro).

Steve Carrell taking on the role of noted philanthropist/wrestling coach/schizophrenic/murderer John du Pont.

Marion Cotillard taking on an entire factory of coworkers who want to see her pink-slipped with a quickness.

And the triumphant (we hope) return of Michael Keaton (still the best Batman, according to our exec editor).

So step right up for our gallery of this year’s don’t-miss flicks, and don’t forget to mind your calendar.

Because tickets won’t last long.