Arts & Entertainment | October 3, 2014 9:00 am

Strictly Professional

Your Hardly Strictly survival guide

By The Editors

Today marks the start of Hardly Strictly Bluegrass — everyone’s favorite free, three-day music fest in the GGP.

Word of warning, though: this weekend’s gonna be a scorcher. Here’s your prep kit.

Ice Down

While permitted, beer and wine won’t be on offer at the festival, so you’ll want to pack up an ice chest with some choice suds. Park rules: no glass or hard alcohol. Unwritten rule: skip the IPAs in favor of lower ABV session brews to keep things cool. We like the canned offerings from Mavericks, available citywide.

Park It

Much as nobody wants to be the dude lugging around a field chair at a festival, it’s better to be that dude than the one in an unwinnable territory battle over a blanket. Better still if you leave the lugging out of the equation with Alite’s ultralight two- and four-legged camp chairs. Swing by their new Mission Outpost to kick the tires for yourself.

Listen Up

It might behoove you to know that HSB takes the “Hardly Strictly” portion of its name as seriously as the “Bluegrass.” Meaning you’ll find plenty of acts spread across the copious stages that’ll defy your old-timey expectations. Here’s a small preview of the acts we’re feeling.