Arts & Entertainment | October 31, 2016 9:00 am

October in New York, in 21 PIctures

Gigi Hadid. Tom Brady getting punched. Pac-Man. Let's review.

Every which way you look in N.Y.C., there’s something begging to be photographed. 

Lady Liberty. Manhattanhenge. Cronuts.

Which is why a tried-and-true New Yorker looks beyond the obvious for a great shot (see — gulp — above).

That’s the ethos behind 21 ‘Grams, our review of the month that was, as told by 21 of our favorite social media-savvy shutterbugs.

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Because this is a tale of two bridges

Because we found the world’s largest Pac-man in Connecticut

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Because Company XIV is keeping New York weird

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Because we want to hear his stories

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Because Iris Apfel is a real knockout

Because ‘Hey Tamara Mellon, nice shoes.”

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Because this needs to be a meme

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Because Pasta. On. Demand.

It’s lonely up here.

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Because this daredevil will be missed

Because here, you’re never alone

Because New Yorkers wear black

Because some things are just too perfect to eat

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Because nature needs no filter

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Because the swell is worth the freezing cold

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Because this moment is a masterpiece

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Because there’s a whole other city under our feet

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Because famous documentarians roam Williamsburg from time to time

Because there are little moments of peace and quiet everywhere if you know where to look

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Because holy sh*t this barn is on fire!

Because Bacardi knows how to throw one helluva party

Because we wouldn’t mind getting in the ring at Gleason’s with Gigi Hadid