Advice | September 13, 2016 9:00 am

Care to Impress a Woman? Make Your Bed Like This.

Luxury linen-mongers Crane & Canopy truly give a sheet

Wanna make a good impression on your new “friend”?

Make your bed.

And do it right.

As someone who’s four-plus decades into failing the “making” part (unanimous opinion of girlfriends past and present), I know I could use a refresher or three.

Thankfully, luxury bedding pros Crane & Canopy have produced a bunch of really useful how-to videos that have set me — and my shared bed — straight.

While they don’t answer the single biggest question — why the f**k do we need nine pillows on a bed for two? — they do cover hospital corners, the frustration of duvet covers and a few other choice bedding topics.

C&C is promoting these vids for something called National Make Your Bed Week, which I will absolutely not deign to recognize. But the advice is solid.

To wit:

How to Make the Perfect Bed: Hospital corners, the odd pillow rule and why we “need” decorative shams. So, they’re batting two out of three here.

How to Put On a Duvet Cover: The “California Roll” (inspired by sushi making) will change your life.

How to Fold a Fitted Sheet:  It’s all about matching corners (a lot). But damn if the final result doesn’t come out super compact and wrinkle-free — something I’ve never accomplished with two people folding, let alone one.

If you’re truly lazy, C&C makes a next-level duvet, as does Casper.

But for those with old-school sheets, following this video advice could lead to a lot less frustration in bed. A noble goal.