Advice | January 6, 2017 9:00 am

Ever Wish There Was an eBay for Rewards Miles? You’re in Luck.

Airlines aren't gonna like this ...

It’s no secret that the travel rewards system is broken.

So, good time to have a firesale on all your miles, right?

Par, a new marketplace for unused reward miles, seems like an excellent means to that end.

A mobile app that puts people with excess airline miles in touch with travelers looking for cheap flight options, Par lets its users negotiate a price and then simply draws a 7.5% commission fee on all barters. To use the service, prospective travelers enter their destination and dates, and then Par pairs them with registered users who have miles that match. Once a price is negotiated, the flight is booked.

Although the app currently only supports economy flights and multi-city requests aren’t available yet, Par can handle both domestic and international one-way and round-trip requests.

Interested in banking — or saving — some miles? Sign up for Par’s beta version here.