Advice | December 23, 2013 9:00 am

Best of 2013

By The Editors

Shelter Co.
This is camping without the rough stuff, featuring options like private island, private chef and, yes, private butler. As to what you’ll do with all that natural privacy, the standard-issue king bed seems a good place to start. Check it out.

Big Sur Roadhouse
New restaurants may be old news to the foodies by the Bay, but new eats in Big Sur tend to turn heads. So turn away and set eyes on Big Sur Roadhouse, Big Sur’s first new restaurant in a decade. Check it out.

What’s the point in living on a peninsula if you don’t set foot on a boat now and again? With the watercraft options available by way of Boatbound’s community of captains, we’re expecting to see a lot more of you on the Bay. Check it out.

Bernal Cutlery
From Japanese whetstone sharpening to a staggering selection of knives and knife accessories for the kitchen and beyond (read: backcountry), Bernal’s diminutive blade shop in the Mission is every bit the candy store for men. Check it out.

Where to Take Her
Tahoe. Tomales Bay. Big Sur. Getting out of town just got a whole lot easier. Answer a few questions about your party, chart a course and reserve your energy for the packing list, the drive and the ever-important traveling music. Check it out.

Dinner Lab
The city’s most exclusive dining experience can’t be found with Google Maps — not without a membership, at least. Dinner Lab is a vagabond supper club, serving surprising plates from choice chefs in some truly exotic locales. Check it out.

Triple Aught Design
For mission-ready gear apropos to any backcountry situation, turn to Triple Aught and their new Dogpatch Base Location. It might save your life. It might just look cool opening a bag of trail mix. Check it out.