Action | October 2, 2016 5:00 am

Alpine Village of Chamonix Is the Birthplace of Extreme Sports

The Alpine village of Chamonix, France was home to the first Winter Olympics in 1924. Those Olympians couldn’t have imagined anything like this, though. Today a place where people can test their limits, it’s loved by rock climbers, skiers, skydivers, and BASE jumpers. Home to the Alps’ highest summit, Chamonix is located at the junction of France, Switzerland, and Italy.

As a result, the high-altitude village and its nearby peaks–like Mont Blanc–has grown into a magnet for those chasing adrenaline in unconventional means. Miles Daisher and the Red Bull Air Force increase skydiving’s usual degree of difficulty (and danger) by leaping from a helicopter in the mountains. Watch the video below to see things get “pretty intense really fast.”