Below Zero Ice Driving

To quote one InsideHook curmudgeon:

“We know it’s cold this week. But you can’t talk about the weather unless you have something new to say.”

How ’bout this: “It’s perfect for drifting on ice in a tricked-out Porsche with a world champion driver riding shotgun.”

And for that, there’s Below Zero, a.k.a. ice-driving with five-star niceties, now booking.

Located near Åre — an upscale Swedish après-ski resort — Below Zero offers … well, let them tell you:

“The primary focus is driving fast cars on ice.”

Below Zero Ice Driving

Each driver takes charge of a rally-prepped 300 BHP Porsche 911, specially built to withstand rugged conditions (roll cages, studded competition tires, etc.).

After arriving on the frozen lake circuit (by private helicopter, if you wish), you’ll learn to master extreme ice-driving basics on a wide slalom course. A grip of recent World Rally Championship drivers play coach.

From there, you’ll zip through a series of tight turns and sweeping corners on various frozen circuits. Speeds are likely to top 100 MPH — with only a buffer of snow banks to guide your path.

Post-ice, relax at a nearby luxury lodge. And partake in other area adventures: snowmobile safaris, skiing, Wildcat ATV racing.

And nighttime hot tub parties.

Another good way to break the ice.