Accessories | September 26, 2016 9:00 am

This Modular Luggage Makes for Ridiculously Easy Travel

Bugaboo makes cool suitcases that snap together

Ever see a baby in one of those Bugaboo strollers?

Looks like a helluva smooth ride through life: the perfect trifecta of durability, design and functionality.

Where’s the big-kid version? Finally here, sort of.

The Dutch geniuses behind said stroller have finally invented something for the rest of us: a modular luggage system that promises to change how you travel.

It’s called the Bugaboo Boxer, and it’s a travel game-changer.

Back in June, we were able to meet up with Bugaboo co-founder and Chief Design Officer Max Barenbrug for a demo. “This is going to change the way you move,” he said, carting out a chassis and three bags.

What he showed us isn’t just a duffel. It’s a system of interlocking cases that fit onto an exoskeleton in pretty much any way you see fit.

Start with the framework: The chassis is basically the smooth ride of the Bugaboo stroller reimagined as a steerable gear organizer. It comes with two wheels or four, depending on your preference (a hidden foot lever switches between the two).

You can pull, push, twirl and maneuver the chassis anyway you see fit — it glides across floors, even with one hand. And it folds up on the push of a button on top of the (very) wide handlebar, upon which you can strap extra bags. Bugaboo offers a polycarbonate hard shell Travel Case that you can hang smaller bags on (via hidden hooks or straps) and a similar hard shell carry-on that stores inside the Travel Case when not in use. Each has an integrated TSA-approved lock for easy access.

There are other nice touches everywhere: a luggage strap that can secure your coat, an organizer bag for your passport/phone/laptop you can unobtrusively strap on the outside of the chassis (or inside your Travel Case), and plenty of internal pockets and compartments.

It’s also a looker, with its fleet confluence of form and function.

Various Boxer integrations go on sale today, starting at $1,030.

Smooth travels ahead.