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By The Editors
July 31, 2016 9:00 am

++ EMBARGOED UNTIL June 6, 2016++

Give us your best dad-ism.

For all parents, there’s a part of them that wonders, “Is this how my kid will remember me?” For dad’s in particular, popular depictions of fatherhood often ring hollow, ranging from the strong, silent type caricature to the cartoonish buffoon. #SayItLikeDad is a Father’s Day user generated content program that’s putting a spin on how we recount tales of our “Old Man.” Readers will be encouraged to video-record clips of themselves reciting their favorite dad-isms, and end the clip inviting a friend to do the same. Whether it’s regarding relationships, business, or just life in general, we’re asking all to capture their dad in heartfelt and humorous fashion, showing fathers everywhere that we have, in fact, been paying attention all these years.

Find the stories, starting June 13, 2016 on


#SayItLikeDad is an engaging video series designed to entertain and celebrate the unique relationship between dads and their (mostly grown) children. We are asking our audiences to connect with this story and pay homage to dear old dad by filming short clips sharing their favorite dad-ism using #SayItLikeDad and encouraging friends to do the same.


Audience members shoot iPhone/Android video and invite a friend to do the same on social media – we strongly recommend Instagram, but you can also use Twitter, Vine or direct onsite submission – by tagging @InsideHook with the hashtag #SayItLikeDad. No answer is too big or too small. We’ll collect our favorite submissions and profile them on InsideHook’s social media channels and on the #SayItLikeDad feature page, in partnership with Videoo.


Here’s what you can do:

  1. Make a video! Tell us your dad’s favorite story, quote or quip. There’s no story too big or small (bonus points if you do a mean impersonation)
  2. Share your video with the #SayItLikeDad hashtag and the pre-written copy below.

If you’re a brand:

  1. Promote the #SayItLikeDad feature page periodically as we publish new videos to the page.
  2. Encourage your audience to participate in our social media action during the month of June for a chance to have their video shared alongside our roster of influencers and brand partners.
  3. Make your own video! If the spirit moves you and your team, we encourage you to take part on your individual and branded pages.


When we say, “No story is too big or too small,” we really mean it. Check out our Creative Director, Danny Agnew’s video below as an example.

Once your video is complete, post with the following copy:

“Dad’s think we never listen to anything they say, so this Father’s Day we’re proving them wrong. Thanks to [INSERT FRIEND AND/OR @INSIDEHOOK] for inviting me to #SayItLikeDad. [FRIEND] show me what you’ve got.”

Your final video, should turn out like this: