Barbershop Confidential: Sage Goldnik

There’s only one place a man can share his secrets. Brought to you by Aveda.

By Kunal
May 18, 2016 9:00 am

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The barber has forever been the working man’s therapist.

A sounding board. A confidant. Steward of a safe haven where a fella can speak freely without fear of judgment.

Doesn’t hurt that he also has the ability to help said fella look his handsomest.

So your pals here at InsideHook and Aveda partnered with men’s lifestyle experts and invited them to get the latest cuts and share some secrets.

Not to mention a few tips and tricks on keeping those locks of yours not only stylish, but also thick, healthy, and you know, around for years to come.


Sage Goldnik is the selfie-snappin’, globetrottin’ cat behind men’s lifestyle site Goldnique, where he proffers tips on everything from the latest threads to must-check travel destinations to grooming and wellness rituals for the modern gent on the go.

Sage sports that of-the-moment, upswept ‘do that you’ve no doubt seen on stylish fellas ‘round the ‘net — surprisingly easy to pull off, provided you know what to tell your barber.


STEP ONE: “Clean up the neckline and sideburns”

These may seem like relatively minor details, but people notice — they’re key to making sure a cut like this with some length looks considered rather than sloppy. It’s ok to keep the hairline natural, just make sure it’s cleaned up.

STEP TWO: “Don’t make it too round”

Flatter at the top and sides helps to keep the shape of the cut more structured and modern — this type of look works best when you keep the sides understated and let the top do the talking.

STEP THREE: “Put some product in while it’s still wet, would ya?”

True, as much for your own edification as your barber. But good advice with a cut like this to get a more natural look when it’s dry. Work the product into wet hair and move it into place. Like moisturizer for your skin, use your entire hand to apply.

STEP FOUR: “To keep your hair looking thick and full”

The answer is Aveda’s easy to use 2-step system, Invati Men™. The duo helps keep the scalp exfoliated and refreshed, conditions to help strengthen thinning hair, while instantly thickening your hair at the root. Bonus: it smells terrific.






Custom photography by Mike Falco