Barbershop Confidential: Moti Ankari

There’s only one place a man can share his secrets. Brought to you by Aveda.

By Kunal
May 18, 2016 9:00 am

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The barber has forever been the working man’s therapist.

A sounding board. A confidant. Steward of a safe haven where a fella can speak freely without fear of judgment.

Doesn’t hurt that he also has the ability to help said fella look his handsomest.

So your pals here at InsideHook and Aveda partnered with men’s lifestyle experts and invited them to get the latest cuts and share some secrets.

Not to mention a few tips and tricks on keeping those locks of yours not only stylish, but also thick, healthy, and you know, around for years to come.


Moti Ankari, aka @themetroman, is not only one of the most dapper chaps we know, but also the friendliest. Any fellow looking to upgrade his seasonal style would do well to check out The Metro Man site and/or Insta for some sartorial inspiration and tips on achieving a clean, classic style with understated punches of personality.

His tonsorial style is also a masterclass for all of us who don’t have as much up top as we used to — clean and expertly shaped through the sides, with a nice fade to some length up top.


STEP ONE: “Keep it tight at the back”

The closer crop at the back and sides makes the hair on top look fuller and thicker — it’s all about making it tight and blended.

STEP TWO: “Add a little length on the sides as you move back”

Tell your barber to go from shorter to slightly longer as you work back from the corner of your brow line — gives you a better shape and creates a fuller look with the available hair. Bonus: helps bring out your eyes.

STEP THREE: “Blow dry it before you add product”

Blow drying gives the longer top sections more fullness and creates the illusion of more hair. Then you can use a small amount of product to create shape — rather than pushing everything back, allow the longer parts around your temples to come forward and give the middle section some lift.

STEP FOUR: “Keep your hair on top, longer”

Aveda’s Invati Men™ 2-step system is designed to keep the hair you have longer while helping to strengthen your hair and when massaged in, invigorate your scalp. Best part is, it’s just two steps, once a day. It’s that easy.






Custom photography by Mike Falco