Weight For No One

By The Editors
April 15, 2014 9:00 am

We all dream of space travel.

But unless your bank account’s as hefty as Sam Zell’s, you ain’t getting intergalactic any time soon.

Here’s something a bit more feasible, and damn close to the real thing: Zero G’s Weightless Experience, lifting off from O’Hare on June 7th.

Remember those Kate Upton weightless photos from the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue? Yeah, she did that in a Zero G plane.

Led by former NASA engineers and astronauts, Zero G’s mission is bold and simple: bona fide zero-gravity experiences in the comfort of our own atmosphere.

You’ll board a modified Boeing 727 and ascend to 24,000 feet. From there, the plane enters a series of parabolic arcs that leaves everything in it, including you, completely weightless.

This maneuver is repeated 15 times, and you’ll float for 30 seconds each time — once per arc. And by float, we mean do as the astronauts do.

From orientation to post-flight celebration, the thrill ride lasts five hours.

And as you might expect, space is limited, so suit up and grab your tickets here.

Kate would approve.

Main Photo Credit: James Macari for Sports Illustrated


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