Float On

By The Editors
June 4, 2013 9:00 am

From Elon Musk building his own spaceship to Grandpa Joe stealing that fizzy lifting drink, men will do almost anything to break the grip of gravity.

Here’s one of those things, and it’s tantalizingly within reach: Zero G’s Weightless Experience, taking off from SJC very soon.

This is how film crews simulated artificial gravity in Apollo 13, and how it works is disarmingly simple.

Simply book passage on Zero G’s modified 727, and you’ll be flown to 24,000 feet. Once there, the plane enters into a series of parabolic arcs and begins to pull about 1.8 Gs (half a space shuttle launch’s force).

Which is when you go weightless for thirty seconds at a time – once per arc.

That’s half a minute of something nobody on earth ever feels, and they’ll repeat it twelve to fifteen times.

Seven minutes of the impossible. It’s hard to put a pricetag on that. But Zero G does, and it’s $4,950.

Security to post-flight celebration, it’s a five-hour ride. Flights take off from SJC on Aug. 17 and Sept. 28. Spaces are limited, though. So act fast.


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