This Female Fight Club in New York Brings Medieval Fencing to Modern Liberated Era

The first rule of this female fight club? (Re)make history.

As Great Big Story notes, the competitive historical fencing craze that these women have tapped into follows 14th-century guidelines that were practiced through the 16th century—and have now been updated for 2017.

Collectively, the New York City-based club calls itself Fecht Yeah.

Tanya Smith, a longsword trainer and teacher, explains that she’s behind making the sport competitive, scheduling a women’s tournament that which was “one of the first of its kind in the U.S.” (She’s 5-foot-2, by the way, and her sword reaches to shoulder level.)

Says Smith of her club’s fighting ways: “Women make good fighters, because they want to be there … they do it because they’re passionate about it.”

(Read more about passionate women fighters in RealClearLife‘s feature on championship women’s boxer Terri “The Boss” Moss here.)

Take a look at Great Big Story‘s video below.



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