Scaling West Virginia’s Deadly Seneca Rocks Without a Harness or Ropes

West Virginia’s Seneca Rocks is the only “true peak,” meaning its summit is only accessible by scaling its vertical cliff faces on the East Coast. Putting it to the test, one rock climber proved that you have to be truly crazy to climb it without safety equipment.

Seneca Rocks is a popular destination for avid climbers because of the variety of climbing available. The West Virginia rock formation has 375 mapped climbing routes, some as high as 300 feet. Since 1971, 15 people have died while climbing the craggy peak, according to a sign at the top. Luckily, the climber in the video below wasn’t one of them. In it, he makes easy work of the vertical cliffs. Aside from the agility on display is his intrepidness, as he ditches the harness and ropes traditionally used by climbers (many of which he passes on the way up.) Take in the insane feat below, captured by a drone.

—RealClearLife Staff


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