Would You Pay for a Lift Ticket on a Fake Plastic Ski Slope?

A year-round ski mountain is coming to the Midwest

August 30, 2016 9:00 am

“Practice makes perfect” is a tricky axiom for snowsports enthusiasts, who have to wait for wintry conditions to roll through to hone their skills.

If only there were some type of all-seasons slope that didn’t require, y’know, the snow part.

Oh, wait. We have that now: Buck Hill Ski and Snowboard Area in Burnsville, MN just announced plans for 16 carpeted runs in a fake plastic snow that approximates the texture of the real stuff.

The plastic is made by Neveplast, an Italian firm that engineers modular plastic snow for Olympic training facilities. Their Tubby, a downhill tubing business, has been around for three years, making plastic chutes that snake down the slopes of 150 ski resorts worldwide.

Buck Hill’s vertical drop of 262 feet pales in comparison to the Rockies, where vertical drops run in the thousands. But starting September 10th (prices vary), Buck Hill will be among the few North American destinations that offer year-round skiing to the public.


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