Tactical Advice

By The Editors
September 10, 2012 9:00 am
Tactical Advice

In the event of a terrorist attack, kidnapping, or an earthquake, do you have an escape plan? That doesn’t rely on unpaid interns? Now you do. Introducing the survival training specialists from onPoint Tactical, holding classes now.

Gung-ho’d by an ex-Apple “tech weenie” turned SEAL team guru, onPoint hosts three-day survival classes around the country for biz execs and everyday civilians caught in hostile situations.

Mixing modern military training with Apache tracking techniques, OnPoint’s most popular class is “Urban Escape and Evasion,” designed for individuals caught in dangerously unstable cities.

For two days, participants learn how to improvise weapons, defend themselves, pick locks, and even how to hotwire a car. The third day: “Stress Innoculation,” where you use your new skills to escape a “kidnapping” and survive while running “Warriors”-style across the city.

Please note: You’ll also be shot with a stun gun, but only to “raise your adrenaline level,” and not because it’s funny, even though it is.

OnPoint also offers a rotating series of classes in covert movement, tracking, and wilderness survival. This fall, the school will also offer an advanced “Surviving Deadly Contact,” course, for execs placed in dangerous, shoot-first territories, like “Iraq.”

Or “East St. Louis.”


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