Marshall Miller’s Wingsuit Flight From the Top of Aiguille du Midi

Leaping off the top of Aiguille du Midi, a 12,000-foot peak in the French Alps, would get a pass from even the most intrepid adventure athletes. It almost scared off Marshall Miller, but in the end, he couldn’t resist.

At its summit, Aiguille du Midi has a visitor’s center where crowds of people gather to take in the view—and maybe even marvel at those brave enough to take the leap. “I’ve stood on top of that a couple of times and said no to it,” Miller admitted. “It’s really scary. It’s really tall, really real, and really awesome.” The athlete finally summoned the courage, after wading through a mob of tourists at the alpine peak.

Below, watch as Miller plummets from the platform and begins gracefully soaring on what he calls his “best flight ever.” In short, Miller, to use the Buzz Lightyear aphorism, “falls with style.” Watch the nearly two-minute long wingsuit flight below.


RealClearLife Staff


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