Man Up

By The Editors
July 15, 2013 9:00 am

What does it take to be a real man?

A few things: Confidence. Maybe an axe.

Oh, and the ability to ‘rastle a pig.

At least, all this according to Man Games, the latest and most virile of fitness challenges, taking sign-ups now.

Billed as a  “measuring stick of true manhood,” the nationwide Man Games take the obstacle course fitness trend and give it a (slightly ridiculous) testosterone boost.

Teams of four — including, ironically, women — compete in a number of burlyman competitions over a day’s course.

Among the brawniest:

  • Mounted Spear Throw: Whilst riding on horseback, impale a large woodland creature.
  • Waterslide Launch: An extreme variation on a childhood fave, replete with on-site search-and-recovery dive team.
  • Pig ‘Rastle: Catch muddy pig. Put in barrel.

Plus assorted running, cross-fit and ball-themed games (like football), as well as axe/knife/sword-wielding challenges.

The first competition takes place in Heber Valley, Utah in September, with 14 other cities on deck.

Not sure of your manliness level? The Games are divided into two fitness levels: Sport and Pro (“not recommended for weekend warriors”). If you’re man enough, you can win prizes, plus additional funds for charity.

Unless the pig has anything to say about it.


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