Love Gun

By The Editors
October 25, 2013 9:00 am

Ingredients for your next romantic mountain lodge weekend:

A roaring fireplace. A bottle of something nice.

And an AK-47.

Introducing The Machine Guns & Roses Tour, available for adventurous couples now.

The SebastianPart of the new adventure program by The Sebastian in Vail, CO, the MG’n’R tour is built for couples who like to get hot and heavy while packing heat.

The shoot begins with a trip on a helicopter gunship to a nearby gun range in Lakewood.

Here, after an extensive safety lesson under the tutelage of some experienced shooters (ex-military and police), you’ll be given carte blanche on a nearby course with some serious weaponry — M16s, Uzis, SAWs, belt-fed machine guns, etc.

The rest of your stay leans toward the traditional romantic: three nights in a deluxe suite, a spa package, catered meals, drinks and a photo album documenting your stay.

Not a gun fan? The Sebastian also offers snowcat skiing, a ski/spa package for two and, coming this winter, couples-friendly ice climbing.

Because ice axes can be romantic, too.


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