Chicago’s Newest Private Social Club Wants YOU!

Jims is for the people. The really cool people.

By The Editors
April 1, 2016 9:00 am

If you think Soho House is the only home for the city’s creative glitterati, you ain’t seen nothin’ yet:

Introducing Jims, the buzzy new private members-only club that is, in fact — believe it or not — located in Jim’s apartment.

Who’s Jim? Full name’s Jim Wilde. He’s a high-powered, self-employed “urban creative” whose artistic sensibilities fit none of the city’s present private club offerings. So the kid decided to make his own from his beautifully appointed two-bedroom Logan Square apartment.

Wilde’s mission: exclusivity, discretion and giving what he calls Chicago’s “true creative class” a place to relax, network and drink coffee from his new Keurig.

“I just grabbed the Campbell’s pods,” he tells us. “So there will be soup, too.”

Strange? Yes. But that’s Jim Wilde.

Members will have exclusive access to the Logan Square apartment, with members-only perks including backyard patio access, central air and what Wilde claims as the city’s only full-time “burrito concierge”.

Wilde also plans to be on call whenever you are. Need a place to crash? Need someone to go urban exploring with? A heads up on the latest gentrification news?

“I got you,” Wilde says. “Not because I am cripplingly lonely, but because I live to create.”

Jims is taking members now. Head on over to the website for application details.


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