Horn Identity

By The Editors
April 15, 2013 9:00 am

The Running of the Bulls, that annual goring gauntlet through the wine-soaked streets of Pamplona, is coming to America.

Yes, we’re serious. And so are the bulls. Gird your loins for The Great Bull Run, selling tickets now.

Founded by two disgruntled attorneys who left corporate life to (sigh) “grab life by the horns,” the GBR will run in nine different cities this year. It’s modeled after the Encierro of San Fermín, made famous by one Papa Hemingway.

The stateside version works pretty much the same: position yourself along a cordoned-off quarter-mile track along with 1500 other people. Then run like hell when the twelve 1000+ lb. bulls are unleashed.

In the name of insurance deductibles, there are some tweaks: pro bull handlers are stationed throughout the course. There are safety nooks outside the track. A full medical staff is on hand.

And instead of being killed post-run a la Pamplona, the bulls are simply used again.

So, it’s safe?

Says the founder: “There’s absolutely no guarantee of safety.”


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