Drone Footage Captures Slackliner Nearly Falling to Death

Adventurer makes acrobatic grab to avoid falling 100 feet to rocky seashore below.

June 5, 2017 5:00 am

A drone captured the heart-stopping moment an Australian slackliner nearly plummeted of his line and into the churning, rocky seashore 100 feet below.

Professional photographer Adriano Leite chanced upon the group of adrenaline junkies balancing 10 stories high in Diamond Bay in Sydney, Australia on May 27.

But the lensman, out to capture footage for a short movie he is working on, watched in horror as one of the group wobbled along the rope before slipping and being saved only by his harness.

“When I saw the slackliners I’ll confess I had a ‘holy s—‘ moment knowing how dangerous Diamond Bay is, with all those rocks and massive waves crashing against the cliff,” Leite told Caters.

“I even hesitated in sending the drone around to film them as these guys were insane for sure.”

But lucky for internet users he did.

“My upload got a mixed review, with some people excited to see these daredevils whilst others deemed them to be stupid, and pitying their parents,” the filmmaker said.

“But if it makes them feel good and as long as they do it in a safe manner it’s all good.”


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