Bikers Martin Soderstrom and Dawid Godziek Freestyle Through a Field of Flowers in Sweden

Sweden is known for its beautiful landscapes dotted with vibrant flowers during the summertime. It’s also known for two bikers, Martin Soderstrom and Dawid Godziek, who can soar through the air with a style like no one else.

Combining the beauty and the bikers, Field Trippin’ is an adrenaline junky’s daydream, as they pop tricks off dirt jumps while surrounded by nature. It wasn’t such a dream to shoot. For the video, a team took four months to carve up the course, while the flowers didn’t bloom until three days before the shoot. The dirt jumps were dug ten feet into the earth and had to be placed perfectly in the stunning field of flowers so that they would be hidden by the lush flora.

While dazzling to the viewer, it was disorienting to the bikers. “The first time it was really weird because there’s nothing to relate to, there are just walls on the side,” Soderstrom told Redbull.

Watch the fruits, or flowers, of their labor in the stunning video below.


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