A 51-Year Old Just Recorded the World’s Highest BASE Jump

Wanna watch a 25,000-foot freefall?

November 18, 2016 9:00 am

Recent events make you feel like jumping off a mountain?

Done right, it’s exhilarating. Just ask Russian BASE jumper Valery Rozov, the 51-year-old who just leapt off the sixth-highest peak in the world and broke a world record.

Standing at 25,250 feet on the southwest wall of Mount Cho Oyu on the Chinese/Nepalese border, Rozov actually broke his own record, which he set three years ago.  (He’s also the first person to skydive into a volcano crater.)

It was actually harder to get up the mountain than down: harsh, snowy weather delayed the jump for over a week; he finally completed the jump on October 5th.

According to Rozov’s sponsor Red Bull, the “flight” was a 90-second freefall, followed by two minutes of parachute time before landing on a glacier. 

(H/t Outside)

Photo Inline: © Khalil Jeremias Emede


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