Meet Bad Axe Throwing. They Throw Axe-Hurling Parties.

It's like darts. Except with axes.

August 24, 2016 9:00 am

Here’s to the humble axe, man’s favorite tool.

And very soon, Chicago’s favorite party trick.

Because axe-throwing parties? We’ve got a place for those now. It’s called Bad Axe Throwing, Chicago’s first indoor hatchet-hurling facility, and it opens in the West Loop next month.

Yes, you heard that right. Bad Axe is in the game of darts, except instead of darts, they hand you axes.

And it’s not as ironically hip as you might think. Axe throwing is, indeed, a true and honest lumberjack sport. And if your correspondent’s experience with throwing axes is any indication, it’s the best way to blow off steam. It’ll also do wonders for your core.

What to expect: your group (minimum size is eight) getting down in your own private room, led by an axe-throwing coach who’ll show you exactly what to do and how to do it. Food and drink is on you.

Which makes Bad Axe great for bachelor parties. Birthday parties. Any gathering where chucking a very large axe at a very sad target would be a hit. So … all the parties.

Bad Axe opens September 9th with a free open house, but we suggest you go ahead and reserve a room now.

We look forward to taking the edge off with you.


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