The Longest Nude Caribbean Cruise to Date Is Now Taking Bookings for 2022

No shirt, no pants, no problem

The Longest Nude Caribbean Cruise to Date Is Now Taking Bookings for 2022
Moment Editorial/Getty

The cruise industry is just one sector of travel that was totally ravaged in 2020, after seemingly every attempt to set sail was thwarted by virus outbreaks on board. But Carnival is already looking to the future — starting with a two-week-long nudist cruise in 2022.

Nude cruise company and self-proclaimed pioneers of bare vacationing Bare Necessities announced their official plans for their 75th charter event aboard the Carnival Pride, which has since been deemed The Big Nude Boat, for a 14-day Caribbean excursion next year. Not only are clothes not required — they’re discouraged.

The ship, which is set to depart from Tampa on February 13 and rumored to be festooned with an array of nude art and classic statues, will make stops in Curacao, Puerto Rico, Panama, Colombia and Bonaire, as well as the Dominican Republic and the Bahamas. With the exception of when the ship is in port or the Captain requires it, vacationers will enjoy being entirely naked for the entirety of their trip.

While it is the longest Bare Necessities cruise to date, the only other voyage currently slated for 2022 is a roundtrip on the Royal Clipper from Venice, Italy, and it’s already sold out — a possible indication of The Big Nude Boat’s popularity.

At this time, it is unclear as to whether or not masks will be required (here’s to hoping we won’t still need them in 2022), but one thing is for sure: you’ve never packed this light for a two-week vacation before.


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