Amsterdam Is the Latest City to Regulate Cruise Ships

The city council voted on a measure to bar ships from the center of the city

Amsterdam is taking a new approach to cruise ships.
Erhan Demirtas/NurPhoto via Getty Images

Being a destination for cruise ships is, for many cities, the proverbial double-edged sword. On one hand, the arrival of a vast number of tourists can benefit the local economy; on the other hand, the ships can also be a disruptive presence — with one city asking vessels to please, please stop blowing their horns while in the vicinity. Last year, Barcelona announced a series of measures designed to regulate the number of ships that dock each day.

Now, it’s Amsterdam’s turn. Writing at The Points Guy, Jordan Waller pointed to a recent vote from the Amsterdam city council that could have serious implications on the city’s relationship to the cruise industry. The city council voted to close Cruise Port Amsterdam. Waller writes that this would either require the movement of the port to somewhere else in the city or force cruise ships to dock at a port several miles outside of the city.

In a statement from the Democrats 66 political party, party leader Ilana Rooderkerk addressed the measure. “The polluting cruise does not match the sustainable ambitions of our city,” Rooderkerk said (via a Google translation). “The realization of a second bridge over the IJ to the Noord district is also not possible if the cruise ships remain.”

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As The Points Guy’s report points out, this city council vote isn’t the final word on the subject; there are other layers of approval that need to be passed before the port is moved or shuttered. Currently, cruises are scheduled to dock at the port through 2025. As for what’s next — we’ll need to wait and see.


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