The Hottest Collab of Summer May Just Be Shiner Beer’s New Outdoor Gear

The Shiner x Magellan Outdoors line includes a sleeping bag, cooler, even a charcoal grill

A man wearing a Shiner Beer vest from the new Shiner x Magellan Outdoors collection
This puffer vest is a standout from the new Shiner x Magellan Outdoors collection.
Shiner x Magellan Outdoors

Shiner Beer dates back to 1909, when beer began flowing at the Spoetzl Brewery in Shiner, Texas. Over the years, its reputation has far exceeded its size; the brewery remains in the town of just over 2,000 people, yet it produces six million cases of beer each year.

As ardent drinkers are predisposed to wearing branded gear on their chests and heads, it’s not uncommon to see the occasional piece of Shiner attire out in the wild. But a new collection is bringing the beloved beer brand to all manner of clothing, accessories and outdoor gear, from vests and sleeping bags to coolers and grills. 

It’s all made in partnership with Magellan Outdoors and available exclusively at Academy Sports + Outdoors, both in-store and online. While poking around, you’ll find T-shirts and fishing shirts, swim trunks, hats, coolers, koozies, outdoor games, grill accessories, a canopy, an armchair and a keg-shaped charcoal grill. Yes, they even have their own $300 grill.

“At Shiner, we think there’s no better place to enjoy a cold beer than the great outdoors,” says Matt Pechman, Shiner’s head of marketing. It’s hard to argue with that. And that’s the reason they created this collection. “We hope our new co-branded merch and functional gear will inspire our fans to get outside and make their next outdoor adventure one to remember.”

Kick it off by picking up a fishing shirt that dries quickly and has built-in UPF 30 to protect you from the sun’s rays. They’re available as long-sleeve tees or in the button-up, collared variety, in the event you’re angling for fancier fish. Both options can be paired with the seven-inch boat shorts and a hat, available in a trucker-style or softer-shelled dad cap.

When temperatures drop at night, you might turn to the colorblock puffer vest. It’s wind- and water-resistant to keep you warm and dry. There’s also a camo hoodie for sitting around the campfire, or hiding from woodland creatures.

Some of the collection’s most compelling items don’t go on your person, but are designed to make your outdoor activities a little easier or more fun. There’s a mini football, for when your hands are not enlisted as beer holders, and a cornhole set, for which you’ll only need one hand free. Meanwhile the 24-can soft-sided cooler will keep those drinks cold, and the 45-quart hard cooler on wheels has enough room for a weekend’s worth of food and beverages. 

When it’s time for dinner, there’s a charcoal keg grill with 287.5 square inches of cooking surface and adjustable dampers to control airflow. Pair that with the marinade kit and grilling tools, and you’re all set to feed your traveling party burgers, sausages and whatever else you brought to throw on the grates. 

When it’s time to bunk down for the night, you can choose from two sleeping bags — one that’s adorned with fall flannels, and another that resembles a Shiner beer bottle’s brown glass and yellow label. Overkill? Maybe a little. But you’ll stay warm throughout the night, you’ll never confuse your bag for someone else’s, and you may find yourself dreaming of beer as you sleep.


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