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A backpack and a briefcase, in one tidy package

By The Editors
December 3, 2015 9:00 am

The rub with work travel — well, the first of many rubs — is that you generally want to go with a single bag.

Not checked. Life’s too short for the baggage carousel. 

Therein lies a problem: How to find a carry-all with the functionality of a backpack, but enough style to get you through a meeting or two?

Enter tech-positive S.F. maker Minaal’s Daily and Carry-On 2.0.

You want to travel with a backpack. Everybody wants to travel with a backpack. Especially one like this, with a foam back panel, four-point harness adjustment system and an adjustable chest strap. It’s just generally a nicer way to go than a roller.

But usually that means walking into your meetings looking like a Silicon Valley extra.

Minaal’s totes transform from carry-on lugs into streamlined work bags via a series of hideaway harnesses.

Straps safely stowed away, you can walk into a meeting looking like a housebroken and societally contributing adult.

One who speaks softly and carries a smart bag.

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