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Dinner Plans

Volume I: in which rests humanity’s last hope

  • 10 July 2014

Whether happily married or even-more-happily not, every man needs date night plans.

These are they: InsideHook’s Dinner Plan Guide, a series of three-step blueprints ready for your Don Juan-ish pleasure.

Before you take a look, a small piece of advice: there is no better weapon in a man's date-night arsenal than the venue change.

The venue change is what it sounds like: you take your date to two (or even three) places, all conveniently close to each other.

Imparts a sense of adventure.

Introduces an element of the unknown.

Reveals your knowledge of the city.

And shows that you’re a guy who makes plans, plural.

And so, inside: Top Chef eats, off-menu private club access and a bar with the humble goal of rebooting civilization following its inevitable collapse.

Yes, that’s real.

Happy dating, friend.

The Specifics

Dinner Plans SF, Vol. I

Yours for the taking.

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