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Starch Nemesis

On-demand dry-cleaning from Flycleaners

  • 19 March 2014

We New Yorkers live in the Age of On-Demand. Cars. Booze. Massages. All rushing to meet our eager fingertips with only a few taps of the almighty smartphone.

Add to your on-demand list: the dry cleaners.

Now you’ve got Flycleaners: a new service that grabs dirty duds, scrubs ‘em and delivers them back to you, accepting new members now.

Getting spotless gear is monkey-could-do-it simple — just download the Flycleaners app and fire it up whenever you notice yourself scraping the bottom of the dress shirt barrel.

Punch in your address and preferences (dry-clean vs. wash/fold, unscented detergent), and Flycleaners’ starch fairies will swoop it in a matter of minutes.

They turn around laundry next day, dry-cleaning in two. The app pings when it’s ready, and you can either have it delivered immediately or later on. Either way, it’s coming to you.

Formerly only available in North Brooklyn, Flycleaners starts taking Manhattan members next week — and those who sign up right now will not only be granted first membership, but also a $10 credit on their first order.

Age of On-Demand indeed.

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