Russia Wants to Build a Luxury Hotel on the Int'l Space Station

Rooms with a view start at $40 million (free wifi, though)

By Kirk Miller

Space hotel
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02 January 2018

Can’t wait for the TripAdvisor reviews on this one.

Russian space science program Roscosmos wants to bring a little luxury to the nascent space-tourism industry, with plans to construct a hotel-like module attached to the International Space Station (ISS). Your galactic amenities: private cabin and bathroom (well, a “hygiene and medical station”), exercise equipment, wifi and opportunities for space walks — I mean, what else are you gonna do?

Your bill: $40 million for about a week or two in space, plus an extra $20 million if you stay a month.

But that amount seems justified: the construction and transport of the new module is estimated to cost upwards of $446 million, and it could take the project seven years to break even — and that’s knowing the ISS is scheduled for retirement in 2028.

Given that this is still in the theoretical stages, we say wait: there are plenty of other not-gonna-happen plans for space lodging.

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