What Has Bamboo, Two Pedals, and Wants to Change the World?

Pedal Forward’s bamboo whip is basically the Tom's of bikes

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What Has Bamboo, Two Pedals, and Wants to Change the World?
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26 January 2016

A lot of big ideas and plans to change the world get kicked around in our college years.

But not everyone leverages that energy and optimism into action.

Such is not the case for Matthew Wilkins and Christopher Deschenes, two college friends who started Pedal Forward, a bicycle concept that seeks to compound the environmental benefits of cycling through its innovative use of materials and social initiatives.

The business model? Bamboo bikes that are lightweight, shock absorbent and take only two hours to build — and cost only $500. For the manufacturing process Pedal Forward hopes to employ members of New York City’s homeless population to assist them, thanks in part to a partnership with advocacy organization Back on My Feet.

And they're getting attention from high places, Bill Clinton and Jon Stewart for starters.

Pedal Forward: Bamboo Bicycles for All4:14

Pedal Forward plans to use a percentage of each sale to buy bicycles from independent dealers in developing countries to be distributed to the communities.

The project is making headway on their Kickstarter campaign as we speak, and NYC-locals can see a demo of the bikes in Brooklyn on Wednesday.

Don’t forget your helmet.

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