This SEAL-Approved Boat/Submarine Is Vewy, Vewy Quiet

Shh! It's hunting ... well, definitely not rabbits.

By Evan Bleier

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08 June 2017

When Navy SEALs encounter an obstacle, sometimes they go around it, sometimes they go through it and sometimes — when the situation calls — they go under it.

Powered by a water-cooled, 345-HP diesel engine that’s mated to a Rolls-Royce water jet, the Swedish-built SEAL Carrier is made to do all three.

The 30-foot carrier is capable of doing 30 knots in surface mode, five knots in semi-submerged mode and four knots when fully submerged. It also battery-powered electric thrusters that can silently propel the vessel underwater to reduce its visible, acoustic and radar presence.

Carrier (3 images)

Able to carry a maximum of two pilots and six divers, the SEAL Carrier can do everything from deploying combat teams and airdropping into battle to patrolling harbors. For all we know, this thing can drop lobster traps, too. 

“The SEAL Carrier is a hybrid surface and sub-surface craft which combines the Swedish commitment to safety-led design and the ship-building heritage of the Clyde; all underpinned by a unique operational pedigree of over 30 years,” says Carl Runemar, the Carrier’s manufacturer.

Mission accomplished.

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